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I'm currently out of the country. If you'd like to chat about 3D things, feel free to call me (I have MagicJack, so it's a local call), or email me at the address listed above.

Custom Iphone cases with your image, a loved one's image, or a pet's image on the case.

IPhone 4 case in orange ABS plastic. The plastic can be painted and decorated.

Custom 3d printed IPhone 5 case 3-D printed I Phone 4 case that can be imprinted with a custom image and message.

Custom 3D Printed Coin. This was the first edition using a low resolution image. I will have higher resolution coins available soon.

Custom 3d printed coin Custom 3d printed coin of Che Guevara

Business card with 3d spiral, and biz card with initials as the backing.

Three Dimensional Spiral Business Card Initials Card

Here is my 3D fabricated box with the original.

Iberiatal L'Anna Model No. 2 Group Mr. Espresso

Davinci 1.0 3D Printer running XYZWare software, and a handle and cover for a 3d scanner.

Davinci 1.0 by xyzware 3 D scanner handle and cover.

A lo-res coin of a friend, and a small custom gift.

Lo-res coin of friend. Custom gift.

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